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Trip Reports from Sedona, south of 89A

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We made it to the Diving Board. [Carl Lunde photo]

Sedona, Hangover Loop
Nov 2015 Hangover Loop Oct 2017 Hangover Loop May 2021 Hangover Loop

Sedona, Huckaby Trail
June 2004 Huckaby Trail Apr 2012 Huckaby Trail Apr 2015 Huckaby Trail

Sedona, Munds Mountain or Munds Wagon
June 2012 Munds Mountain Apr 2011 Munds Wagon Apr 2013 Munds Wagon
Oct 2013 Munds Mountain May 2014 Munds Wagon

Sedona, Schnebly Hill
Oct 2009 Schnebly Hill

Sedona, starting or ending at Bell Rock Trailhead
Nov 2000 Bell Rock Trail Sep 2001 Bell Rock-Morgan May 2010 Morgan-Courthouse
May 2008 Courthouse Loop Apr 2007 Bell Rock-Morgan Apr 2012 Courthouse-Morgan
Apr 2016 Courthouse Loop

Sedona, Scorpion-Pyramid
Apr 2016 Scorpion-Pyramid Apr 2018 Scorpion-Pyramid

Sedona, Woods Canyon
Oct 2003 Woods Canyon Apr 2014 Woods Canyon

Sedona, Airport Loop
Nov 2017 Airport Loop Jan 2021 Airport Loop

Nov 2013 Red Rock Crossing Apr 2012 Marg's Draw Mar 2017 Hog Wild!
Oct 2021 Red Rock Crossing Nov 2014 Hiline-Templeton Oct 2016 Diving Board
Nov 2016 Marg's-Huckaby May 2020 Transept Trail June 2020 Apache Maid

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