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Contact if you wish to check something out. You must be a club member. Please return borrowed items at the next club meeting.

Arizona For Dummies, Edie Jarolim, 2001
“Picture a land of silent, manly men and spirited, sun-worn women leaving clouds of dust in the wake of their pickups as they high-tail it...”
Arizona Trails (2nd ed), David Mazel, 1985
The 100 hikes outlined range from short day hikes to 50-mile backpacks. Topographic maps provide accurate trail locations.
Bright Angel Grand Canyon Trail Guide, Alan Berkowitz, 1980
This pocket-size guide notes points of interest along the entire length of the trail and provides historical and interpretive information.
Day Hikes and Trail Rides In and Around Phoenix, Roger and Ethel Freeman, 1991
Trails within 40 miles of downtown Phoenix are described to the nearest hundredth of a mile, with 2-color maps.
Day Hikes and Trail Rides In and Around Phoenix (2nd ed), Roger, Ethel Freeman, 2000
This comprehensive coverage of the Phoenix area includes hundreds of trails, measured distances, topographic maps, and detailed access information.
Diamond Jubilee Trails Booklet, Arizona State Parks Board, 1987
102 trails were selected by the Arizona Hiking and Equestrian Trail Committee.
A Guide to Hiking the Inner Canyon, Scott Thybony, 1980
Descriptions and topographic maps of the major South Rim and North Rim trails.
Goldfield Mountain Hikes, Ted Tenny, 2006
The first book about hiking in the Goldfields, and the first to have topographic maps in full color. If you are seeking a mountaintop experience, you’ll find it in the Goldfields.
Hiker’s Guide to Our National Parks, Larry Rice, 1996
General information about hiking in various national parks, from Backpacker magazine.
Hiker’s Guide to the Superstition Wilderness, Jack Carlson and Elizabeth Stewart, 1995
In addition to providing directions to these spectacular places, this guide brings alive the colorful history of the Superstitions.
Las Vegas and Southern Nevada: A Comprehensive Hiking Guide, Brian Beffort, 2010
Popular destinations such as Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Death Valley, and Mt. Charles are covered.
On the Arizona Trail, Kelly Tighe and Susan Moran, 1998
A Guide for Hikers, Cyclists, and Equestrians. Out of print now but most public libraries in Phoenix and nearby cities and Arizona State University have copies.
Streamside Trails, Steve Krause, 1994
Fifty hikes in central Arizona. Includes directions, maps, descriptions of nearby towns, and a photo of every trail.

Hiking Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon Association, 1997

Prescott National Forest, contains copies of US Forest handouts

Apache Maid Mountain, AZ
N3437.5-W11130/7.5 1965
7 1/2' topo Mogollon Rim
AMA 3653 II NE-Series V898
Betatakin Ruin, AZ
36110-F5-TF-024 1980
7 1/2' topo Shonto Plateau, Betatakin Ruin,
Bubbling Spring Canyon
Booger Canyon, AZ
N3252.5-W11022.5/7.5 1972
7 1/2' topo Aravaipa Canyon, SW of Safford
NW/4 Klondyke 15' Quadrangle
AMS 3949 IV NW-Series V898
Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, 1981 Museum
of Science
Highly detailed topographic map of the
trail from South Rim to the river.
Bryce Canyon National Park, UT #219 Trails
Park Trails and Park Information
Casner Butte, AZ
N3437.5-W11137.5/7.5 1965
7 1/2' topo Mogollon Rim
AMS 3653 II NW-Series V898
Coconino National Forest, AZ
USDA National Forest Service 1985
Flagstaff, Sedona, Clarkdale, Mogollon
Rim, San Francisco Peaks
Del Muerto, AZ
Provisional Edition, 1982
7 1/2' topo Canyon de Chelly
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ #207 Trails
Topographic map with trails and
Backcountry Zoning and Use Limits
Grand Gulch Plateau, UT
BLM - San Juan Resource Area
Iron Mountain, AZ
N3322.5-W1107.5/7.5 1948
7 1/2' topo Reavis Trail Canyon, Montana
Mountain, Reavis Ranch
Iron Springs, AZ
34112-E5-TF-024 1979
7 1/2' topo Prescott
DMA 3453 II SE-Series V898
Jerome Canyon, AZ
34112-F5-TF-024 1979
7 1/2' topo Prescott
NE/4 Iron Springs 15' Quadrangle
DMA 3453 II NE-Series V898
Mazatzal Peak, AZ
N3400-W11122.5/7.5 1972
7 1/2' topo Barnhardt Trail Head and trails
DMA 3752 III SW-Series V898
Mobile, AZ
33112-A3-TF-024 1973
7 1/2' topo Sierra Estrella
DMA 3550 III SE-Series V898
Montezuma Peak, AZ
N3307.5-W11207.5/7.5 1952
7 1/2' topo Sierra Estrella
NW/4 Maricopa 15' Quadrangle
AMS 3550 II NW-Series V898
Mt. Graham, AZ
N3237.5-W10945/7.5 1972
7 1/2' topo Pinaleno Mountains
NE/4 Mt Graham 15' Quadrangle
DMA 4049 III NE-Series V898
Mount Lemmon West
Earth Tracks 1985
Sabino Canyon, Seven Falls, Romero
Canyon, Pusch Ridge Wilderness
Mt. Wrightson, AZ
N3137.5-W11045/7.5 1981
7 1/2' topo Casa Blanca Canyon, East Sawmill
Canyon, Josephine Canyon
Mummy Cave Ruins, AZ
Provisional Edition 1982
7 1/2' topo Four Corners
Organ Pipe Cactus National
Monument, Southwest Parks, 1985
Nat. Park
Puerto Blanco Mountains, Bates
Mountains, Growler Valley
Pinal Peak, AZ
N3315-W11045/7.5 1964
7 1/2' topo Sixshooter Canyon, Icehouse Canyon,
Pinal Mountains
Prescott National Forest, AZ
USDA National Forest Service 1988
Prescott, Clarkdale, Bradshaw
Mountains, Sycamore Canyon
Promontory Butte, AZ
34110-C1-TF-024 1973
7 1/2' topo Horton Creek, Kohls Ranch, Highline
Trail, See Canyon, Christopher Creek
Rio Grande National Forest, CO, USDA National Forest Service 1975 Forest
Sangre de Christo Mountains, Creede,
Alamosa, Great Sand Dunes
San Juan National Forest, CO
USDA National Forest Service 1979
San Juan Mountains, Durango
Silverton, Mesa Verde
Superstition Wilderness, AZ
National Forest Service 1986
Tonto N.
Superstition Mountains, trails,
water sources
Three Turkey Canyon, AZ
Provisional Edition 1983
7 1/2' topo Canyon de Chelly
Tonto National Forest, AZ
USDA National Forest Service 1995
Mazatzal Wilderness, Superstition
Wilderness, Sierra Ancha
Tonto National Forest, AZ
USDA National Forest Service 1986
Mazatzal Wilderness, Superstition
Wilderness, Sierra Ancha
Weaver’s Needle, AZ
N3322.5-W11115/7.5 1966
7 1/2' topo Superstition Mountains, Red Tanks
Canyon, Coffee Flat Mountain
Webb Peak, AZ
32109-F8-TF-024 1972
7 1/2' topo Mt Graham, Pinaleno Mountains
DMA 4049 III NW-Series V898

If you have any maps or books on hiking, backpacking, or related topics that you wish to donate to the club library, please contact Chuck Parsons, the club librarian.

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