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Four Peaks from the upper reaches of Otero Canyon. [Bill Zimmermann photo]
Mazatzal Mountains, starting from Barnhardt Trailhead
Sep 1998 Barnhardt Canyon Feb 2010 Barnhardt Canyon Feb 2014 Barnhardt Canyon
Apr 2008 Barnhardt Canyon Feb 2013 Barnhardt Canyon Apr 2017 Barnhardt Canyon
Jan 2020 Barnhardt Canyon Nov 2022 Barnhardt Canyon

Mazatzal Mountains, starting from Deer Creek Trailhead
Dec 1999 Deer Creek Trail Oct 2007 Deer Creek Trail Nov 2014 Gold Ridge Loop

Mazatzal Mountains: Mt. Ord
Apr 2014 Mt. Ord Apr 2017 Mt. Ord May 2018 Mt. Ord
May 2019 Mt. Ord May 2021 Mt. Ord Feb 2022 Mt. Ord

Mazatzal Mountains: near Mt. Ord
May 2014 Little Mt. Ord Oct 2016 Mt. Ord Ridgeline May 2011 Slate Creek
Nov 2014 Little Mt. Ord June 2019 Mt. Ord Ridgeline

Mazatzal Mountains: west of Mt. Ord
Oct 2010 Cane Spring Road May 2011 Story Mine Oct 2011 Mazatzal Mines
Apr 2011 Thicket Spring June 2011 Mt. Peeley Jan 2016 Iron Dike

Mazatzal Mountains: Swing-Set Mine
Nov 2010 FR 191 Trail Nov 2015 Swing-Set Mine Mar 2017 Swing-Set Mine

Mazatzal Mountains, starting from Cross F Trailhead
Dec 2006 Little Saddle Trail May 2011 Mazatzal Foothills Feb 2012 Brunson Tank
Dec 2018 Saddle Mountain Mar 2019 Mazatzal Foothills
Mar 2022 Saddle Mountain Oct 2023 Saddle Mountain Apr 2022 Mazatzal Foothills

Mazatzal Mountains, starting from Bushnell Tanks Trailhead
Sep 2010 Boulder Bob I Nov 2010 Boulder Bob II Nov 2021 Bushnell Tanks Road

Mazatzal Mountains, starting from MP 212 Trailhead
Dec 2010 Boulder Bob III Dec 2011 Peak 5426 Feb 2013 Log Corral Loop
Oct 2011 Boulder Bob IV Sep 2011 Brush Spring

Mazatzal Mountains, starting from Ballantine Trailhead
Mar 2003 Ballantine Trail Feb 2006 Ballantine Trail Feb 2011 Ballantine Trail
Feb 2005 Ballantine Trail Jan 2007 Ballantine Trail Dec 2016 Ballantine Trail
Mar 2019 Ballantine Trail Apr 2023 Ballantine Trail Mar 2023 South Fork

Mazatzal Mountains: south side
Oct 2010 Four Peaks Jan 2012 Otero Canyon Jan 2012 Mine Mountain
Jun 2014 Browns Peak Mar 2012 Indian Spring Jan 2013 Sycamore Ridge
Jan 2015 Seucito Canyon Dec 2016 Cane Spring Canyon Dec 2016 Shark Tooth

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