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Boulder Bob Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
October 22, 2011
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map
  GPS Map
Boulder Bob, here we come!

This was a joint hike with AOTC. We met at 6:30. Eight hikers were dropped off at MP212 as two vehicles were shuttled to Bushnell Tanks. At 7:30 we were walking. The hike on FR1701 was uphill. We had several “regrouping” stops as the eleven hikers got strung out.

At “RX0” we left the road. Begin the bushwhacking.

Methinks somebody has been here before.

We crossed a rocky wash with tall grasses. When we reached the ridge, we took a more western route from that taken on 12/23/2010.

Eureka! We found a trail with occasional large cairns, which we followed, lost and re-found several times. Midway between “F” and “G” we followed a wash to “H.” From “H” we headed toward a stone structure unexplored on the previous hikes. Was it a barn or a third house?

We hiked down easy grade with a rocked edge until we entered a creek overgrown with willows. Shortly after we climbed out, we had lunch in a more spacious yet shady ravine.

Arturo, “WB7ATA”
We’re heading down from Boulder Pass.

Here we explored the mill, pondering whether it ever worked or what did it grind. We proceeded to find and explore the remnants of the other two houses. In tribute to Boulder Bob Dupree, we placed a pink ribbon on the chimney pipe.

Down by the old mill stream ...
Jars in the wall [photo by Herm]
Boulder Bob’s window [photo by Herm]

We picked our way up the hill to “FX1” trying to dodge the catclaw. From the fence gate the trail down from boulder pass was clear and well cairned.

Passage 21 of the Arizona Trail leads to Sunflower.

At “S2” we joined the Arizona Trail. As we walked the trail to “CX2” (Sycamore Creek crossing) we encountered cattle and car parts.

BB37 BB38
Olga and Herm try the swing.
Bill swings high. [photo by Herm]
Trailblazers share the range with livestock. [photo by Jim]

The creek was not flowing. After a second break in the shade of the willows we continued on the Arizona Trail.

WRONG. The trail was badly overgrown or we just missed it.

After donating more blood to the catclaw we followed the creek bed toward FR22. Before reaching FR22 we encountered a huge tree swing that Bill, Herm, and Olga tested to their delight. At the Bushnell trailhead we meet jubilant hunters who had bagged a deer.

Thank you to Gary Gleason and Robert Plowman for driving.

Thanks to you, we have it made in the shade!
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