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Hike Arizona:
Wickenburg and points west

Cactus Plain Wilderness, Bouse
Harquahala Summit
GMHSM State Park, Yarnell
Dinosaur Wash, Wickenburg
Hassayampa River, Wickenburg
Vulture Peak, Wickenburg

Cactus Plains Wilderness Backpack

Hike: This backpacking trip will go into the East Cactus Plain Wilderness.
  • Best Time of Year to Hike: May-Sep
  • Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
  • Length: aprox. 8 mi RT
  • Elevation Change: 1200'
Description: The East Cactus Plains Wilderness is near Bouse. The East Cactus Plains is composed of vegetated semi stable sand dunes. We will hike into the dunes and set up camp. There is no water in the area, so you must pack it all in.

clipbordTrip Report: February 5-6, 2000

updated February 1, 2022