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East Cactus Plain Wilderness
February 5-6, 2000
by Ken Chaney
Time it took: ½ day in and ½ day out
Permits/campsite info: None needed
No. of participants: 2 – Sushil and Ken

We left early Saturday morning; I picked up Sushil and stopped at Bob’s house. Bob could not speak. Bob had a very bad sore throat, so he decided he better not go. As Sushil said, “Then there were two.”

After a couple of wrong turns in Bouse, we finally made it to the wilderness boundary. The first thing I noticed is that the Cactus Plain Wilderness is comprised of a dark pink sand, littered will lots of sharp knee high small shrubs. There was no trail, so we headed north.
East Cactus Plain, north of Bouse, Arizona.
There was lots of solitude in the plains, we did not see another person the whole trip. We only saw one piece of trash (which we picked up) the whole trip and it stood out. When walking across the dunes you have to watch out for animal holes. You will fall into them when you walk over them. The deepest hole I fell into was knee deep.

We missed the wildflower bloom by a couple of weeks. The plants were budding, but not blooming. Next year I will try early March to see the Cactus Plains in full bloom.

Problems/concerns: N/A
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