Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Wedding Cake Day Hike
when Trip Report : February 7, 2015
where? Superstition Wilderness
the hike     On this hike we’ll climb Wedding Cake Hill, a large outcrop south of Superstition Peak and northwest of Turk’s Cap. The hike starts at the Hieroglyphic Canyon Trailhead, and from there we’ll proceed eastward along the Lost Goldmine Trail. After a little over a mile we’ll head north off trail and follow some cairns up to the base of Wedding Cake hill. We will climb up the west and north side and work our way up to the top. Total ascent from the base will be close to 800 feet.
    The climb itself shouldn’t be very difficult, but there will be some bushwhacking and boulder scrambling along the way. There will be areas where it may be necessary to proceed through cacti and other thorny plants. This could present a risk for scratches, so long hiking pants and long sleeve shirts and gloves will be in order. Overall, the climb will be much less difficult than Picketpost or Pichaco, but it will require all hikers to be in good physical condition. Be sure to bring at least two liters of water and some energy/electrolyte snacks.
    There will be very good scenic views from the top, in all directions.
    We’ll need be on the lookout for wildlife in the vicinity, because in the past couple of months, here have been sightings of Desert Bighorn sheep in this area. So be sure bring along binoculars if you have them. One sighting occurred on the north slope of the Wedding Cake. Sighting pics have been posted on youtube and
    After climbing to the top, we’ll go back the way we came to the parking area on Cloudview.
distance 5 miles
time 4-5 hours
EC +-800' elevation change
elevations 2100 ft. (Cloudview Trailhead) to 2777 ft. (Wedding Cake)
type round trip
starting at
Cloudview Trailhead 33° 23.377' N,  111° 25.478' W  [NAD27]
on trail 70% — Lost Goldmine Trail – some bushwhacking and boulder scrambling
rating "C+"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs allowed no
cost Sharing gas expenses with the driver.
The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Apache Junction
meet 7:00 AM, in Gold Canyon at Cloudview Trailhead.
drive •  US 60 / Superstition Freeway east to Gold Canyon, AZ.
•  Turn left on Kings Ranch Rd.
•  2.9 miles, turn right on Baseline Ave.
•  0.2 mile, turn left on Mohican Rd.
•  0.4 mile, turn left on E. Valley View Dr. (becomes S. White Tail Rd.).
•  0.5 mile, turn right on Cloudview Ave.
•  Continue 0.4 mile east to Cloudview Trailhead (road dead ends).

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