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updated April 8, 2021

•  When you see an event that interests you, click on its name to read the details.
Rate yourself as a hiker  to make sure the hike is within your capabilities.
Before attending, please call or email the leader to confirm.
Non-members are welcome to hike with us.
Parking at some trailheads requires a pre-paid pass or a park entrance fee. If so, it will be noted in the hike description.
When car-pooling, please bring enough money to pay your share of the cost of gas.
On each hike, the club allows voluntary contributions at the rate of $5 per non-member.
Our event schedule changes frequently. If it seems out of date, re-load this page.
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Arizona Trailblazers,
I hope you are all doing well and finding ways to enjoy the great outdoors while we continue in this state of the pandemic. The Executive Committee met on March 9 and agreed to keep the current guidelines in place with a couple of clarifications.
1.  Hikes are limited to groups of 20 people or less; however, there are ways to set up hikes where more hikers can be accommodated. We encourage hike leaders to be creative and use a co-leader, when possible, such as a loop hike where two groups are going in different directions.
2. Carpooling is voluntary. The club no longer recognizes carpool drivers. The driver has the right to require everyone to wear face masks.
3. Set up a rendezvous point where everyone can meet and caravan to the trailhead, especially when trailheads are not easy to find or there are long distances on forest roads to travel.
4. Continue practicing physical distancing. We encourage everyone to wear a mask when we meet at the trailhead and take group pictures.
5. If you are not feeling well, stay home.
During these times where we have limits on the number of participants, please be considerate of your commitment to joining a hike. Late cancellations or no shows take away spots from others. You should notify the hike leader at least 48 hours in advance if you are not able to make the hike. We understand things happen at the last minute or someone is not feeling well. In these cases, you should still contact the leader that morning to advise that you will not be there.
Lin Chao   
Mar 5 Marcos De Niza Trail South Mountain Chris Everett
6 Bulldog Canyon
Hike Leader Training
Goldfields Ted Tenny
11 Hope Camp /
Quilter Trail
Tucson Bud Tasch
13 Feathered Friends
Nature Walk
Chandler Randall Greeley
13 Picacho Peak Picacho Janet Burke
14 Massacre Grounds Superstitions Tom Simonick
14 Bartlett Lake Kayaking Cave Creek Chuck Parsons
16 Club Meeting, 7:00 PM Zoom Lin Chao
20 White Mesa Trail Sedona Chuck Parsons
20 Seven Falls Tucson Tom Simonick
27 East Superstition Ridgeline Superstitions Michael Humphrey
Apr 3 AZT passage 17 Superior Li Li
6 Sunset
Nature Walk
Gilbert Lin Chao
10 Maricopa Trail Cave Creek Chuck Parsons
13 Storm Trails Prescott Neil Dennis
14 Canyon Lake Kayaking Tonto NF Chuck Parsons
17 Windgate Pass McDowells Vicki Reddick
17 Peavine Trail Prescott Li Li
20 Sunset Walk Chandler Lin Chao
24 Mazatzal Peak Loop Mazatzals Randall Greeley
24 Hedgehog Loop Queen Creek Rodney Baba
May 1      
18 Club Meeting, 7:00 PM Zoom Lin Chao
31-4 Bryce Canyon
Car Camping
Utah Lin Chao
Jun 5      
26-1 North Rim
Car Camping
Grand Canyon Lin Chao
Jul 3      
20 Club Meeting, 7:00 PM Zoom Lin Chao

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