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West Clear Creek Day Hike
Mogollon Rim
September 12, 2009
by Eileen Root
Bill, Jeri, Sandy, Jennie, Eileen [Bill Zimmerman photo]

Five hikers — Bill, Jeri, Sandy, Jennie and Eileen — went on the unnamed trail of West Clear Creek.

The trail down is steep, slippery and covered with fallen logs that we have to crawl over and under.

It’s a steep descent. [Bill Zimmerman photo]

At the bottom in order to reach the trail we have to cross over the creek on a log and have very good balance!

To walk across in the water it gets chest deep.

We manage to cross over on the log and head to our right down the creek.

Can these logs help us get across? [Sandy Dwyer photo]
Mmmm, this is one peach of a hike! [Sandy Dwyer photo]

On the way we spot a peach tree with peaches still on it.

They look ripe but are still not quite ready to eat yet.

A little further down we cross over the creek again to explore the side slot canyon and after exploring it, cross back over to trek on to our next destination, the petroglyphs.

Petroglyphs grace the grotto. [Sandy Dwyer photo]

Wading across the creek several more times, we finally reach them and stop to have lunch before heading back.

Eileen sounds the depth of West Clear Creek. [Sandy Dwyer photo]
We found the perfect picnic area. [Bill Zimmerman photo]

It has been a beautiful sunny day so far!

But halfway back we hear thunder and start feeling a few sprinkles. Not good.

We pick up our pace as we do not want to be hiking back up that hill if it is raining.

West Clear Creek has carved a canyon. [Sandy Dwyer photo]

We make it to the base of the the hill and Jennie and Eileen opt to cross over on the log, while Bill, Sandy and Jeri decide to wade across.

The trail is lined with cobblestones. [Bill Zimmerman photo]
Cool, man! [Bill Zimmerman photo]

Even though it is a little muddier, we get up the hill safe and sound. Just another wonderful day of hiking!

Thanks to Sandy for picking out such a great hike and co-leading it.

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