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Picacho Peak, here we come! [Wayne Shimata photo]
Superior Tucson Out of Az

Pinaleno Mountains
July 1999 Mt. Graham Camp June 2003 Mt. Graham Camp June 2004 Mt. Graham Camp
June 2009 Mt. Graham Camp

Picacho Peak State Park
Feb 1997 Picacho Peak Feb 2000 Picacho Peak Mar 2013 Picacho Peak
May 1998 Picacho Peak Feb 2001 Picacho Peak Mar 2016 Picacho Peak
Mar 1999 Picacho Peak Feb 2002 Picacho Peak Mar 2018 Picacho Peak
Mar 2021 Picacho Peak Mar 2023 Picacho Peak

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Mar 2001 Camping Sep 2002 Camping Sep 2004 Camping

Jan 2000 Kartchner Caverns Mar 2000 Kartchner Caverns Mar 2009 Kartchner Caverns
Feb 2000 Kartchner Caverns

Huachuca Mountains
Apr 2015 Lakeview Camping

Apr 2017 Buenos Aires NWR

Santa Rita Mountains: Mt. Wrightson
Sep 1996 Mt. Wrightson Sep 2000 Mt. Wrightson July 2019 Mt. Wrightson
Nov 2021 Mt. Wrightson

Santa Rita Mountains
Dec 2013 Gardner Canyon June 2020 Madera Canyon

Nov 2019 Bassett Peak Nov 2020 Bassett Peak Nov 2022 Bassett Peak
Nov 2022 Basset Peak Jan 2023 Sandhill Cranes Jan 2024 Sandhill Cranes

Sierra Vista
Nov 2021 Leaf Peeper

Chiricahua National Monument
June 1998 Camping May 2003 Camping Oct 2015 Camping
May 2002 Camping Apr 2009 Camping

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