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Sycamore Rim Day Hike
September 15, 2012
by Dave French
  GPS Map 
by Ted Tenny
After a wet season, this day proved to be a perfect time to hike in the high country. [photo by Quy]

September 15 is the last official day of the Arizona monsoon season. After a good wet season, this day proved to be a perfect time to hike in the high country. Twenty-four Arizona Trailblazers were met with fields of yellow wild flowers, many pools of water, and deep green grasses on this 8 mile hike.

Dinner at Pinewood Country Club.
Campfire setting at Dave’s fire pit.

Organization of the hike was a little challenging with 10 hikers staying with Dave and Barbara in Munds Park on Friday night, 11 more hikers driving up from Phoenix or Cottonwood to join them on Saturday morning and caravan to the trailheads and three more hikers that camped near Sycamore Canyon and meeting the group at the trailheads.

Given the number of hikers, we decided to do a key swap with 10 hikers going from east to west and 11 hikers going from west to east. Three hikers wanted a shorter hike and started at the Vista trailhead and hiked west to Pomeroy (Debbie, Cyd and Monika). After the hike, the hikers got in the eight vehicles and met so drivers, riders and gear could be sorted out before we caravanned to Williams.

West to East hikers [Dave’s photo] – Jim, Gary, Scott, Ed, Vanessa, Cathy, Yanis, Wendy, Mike, Nicole
East to West hikers: Bill, Eileen, Ted, Dottie, John, Rudy, Dan, Chuck, Quy, Mark. [photo by Bill]

Since the trip leader went from West to East, the hike will be described in that direction.

A short distance from the trailhead are the Pomeroy Tanks, a year-around source of water for wildlife. We followed the creek bed for a mile or so and had to cross the wet, but not flowing creek three times.

Pomeroy trailhead sign.
We had to cross the creek.
Reflective pools characterize the Pomeroy Tanks.
Spring Canyon is the first of many rugged canyons on the Sycamore Rim Trail.
West side photos by Ted:
Castilleja integra - Indian Paintbrush
Senecio lemmonii - Lemmon’s Ragwort
Bill Williams Mountain

Sycamore Falls marks the west end of this massive canyon. A shear drop off creates a great spot for a waterfall in very wet weather. There were pools of water in the bottom. This feeder canyon is also known as Spring Canyon.

Sycamore Canyon from Vista Point.

After 3.3 miles of hiking, the West to East hikers arrived at Vista Point where we had lunch and took a well-deserved break. The East to West hikers had 5 miles to get to that point. We met near where the Vista trailhead trail departed from the main trail and the drivers swapped keys and we took a group picture (minus the 3 hikers that went from Vista to Pomeroy).

Both groups got together for the key exchange near Vista Point.
Views of the canyon from the Sycamore Rim Trail.

The hike continued along the rim with good views of the canyon. Toward the east end of the hike is Dow Springs with lots of water and lush vegetation. We also passed the site of an old saw mill.

Quiet reflective pool near the top of Sycamore Canyon. [photo by Ted]
There once was a mill, but I never saw it. [photo by Quy]

After the hike we went to Cruisers Route 66 Café in Williams for a light supper on their ample patio facing Old Route 66.

After the hike, we exchanged cars. [photo by John]
Cruisers Route 66 Café in Williams. [photo by Quy]

Supplemental Report
by Ted Tenny

The weather was just right and flowers were out on the Sycamore Rim. Dave French made it a one-way key-exchange hike which turned out to be 8 miles, +-900' elevation change. Since I’d never been there before I took my better hiking camera and snapped away.

The trail starts out gently on the east side. [photo by Ted]
Bill inspects the remains of a log cabin. [photo by Ted]
Water lilies. [photo by Ted]
The canyon deepens. [photo by Ted]
Hmmm, that looks interesting. [photo by Ted]
Look before you leap. [photo by Ted]
The woods are lovely, dark and deep. [photo by Ted]
Bill Williams Mountain. [photo by Ted]
Rocks and flowers. [photo by Ted]
We’re gettin’ there. [photo by Ted]
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