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Clover Creek Day Hike
Mogollon Rim
June 26, 2010
by Sandy Dwyer
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Desert Dwellers enjoy the cool pines of Clover Creek.
The Clover Creek Trail takes us downstream.

17 Desert Dwellers (Kim, Gary, Ted, Pete, Jack, Jan, Rudy, Chuck, Cathy, Sue, Craig, Eileen, Glenn, Sandy, Linda, Michael and Arturo) headed north to enjoy the cool pines of Clover Creek.

At the beginning of the hike we had to pass some cattle and pick our way past a few cow pies but when we turned left and headed northwest down the creek it was beautiful and green.

We did miss a part of the trail and had to make our way down the hill and climb through a fence, but all made it safely.

The trail meandered back and forth across the creek and we had to negotiate over some boulders and a couple of fallen trees but overall a easy trail.

Cool vegetation sprouts from trailside rocks.
Golden Columbine
Aquilegia chrysantha – Golden Columbine
Trailing Fleabane
Erigeron flagellaris – Trailing Fleabane
Water striders cast their distinctive shadows in Clover Creek.

We had a nice lunch break at the turn around point enjoying the cool pines and gurgle of the Clover Creek.

The canyon narrows and there are many fallen trees making it too difficult to continue any further.

After lunch we returned the way we came, taking our time as we were not looking forward to returning to the heat of the Valley.

guys gals
End of the trail. We enjoyed our picnic by an idyllic stream.
Hanging gardens grace the canyon walls.
Arturo’s original bone antenna.
The bridge is our last stop. But where’s the road?
Pictures by Ted Tenny.
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