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Calloway Butte Hike
Strawberry, AZ
October 14, 2023
by Victoria Johnson
group A
Trailblazers are ready to hike the Mogollon Rim. {photo by Victoria}
: Robert, Li, Tom, Cindy.

Five hikers met on a beautiful Saturday morning with perfect hiking weather (temperatures ranged from the high 60’s to mid-70’s) on the upper portion of the Mogollon Rim to begin the hike on forest service road FR 142. The group descend past a large ponderosa pine located in the middle of FR 142 where Bark Juniper, Gambel Oak, and New Mexico Locust were also present.

On the road again. {photo by Victoria}

The group hiked past FR 9267J on the left, past Clover Spring in Meadow Canyon, to New Tank, a watering hole for cattle and wildlife filled with a significant percentage of Smart Weed. At the 2-mile junction Calloway Butte lay to the right and FR 142A on the left. Views of the Bradshaws, San Francisco Peaks, and the White Mountains were present to the right. Remnants of the Reservoir Fire (started in Pine, AZ by a careless camper during early summer) were present to the left.

The leaves are changing. {photo by Tom}
Standing by an old fence. {photo by Li}

At the 3.2-mile junction the hikers made a left onto FR 9267C hiking into Wilbur Canyon. The road ended at apx. 4.2 miles but unfortunately no overlook into West Clear Creek Wilderness was visible through a thick out grove of Ponderosa Pine. The group proceeded down Wilbur Canyon in a westerly direction and intersected FR 142B where we stopped for lunch. The group headed in a southerly direction down FR 142B that intersected FR142A making it back to the cars in apx. in five hours. The hikers ate a delicious dinner at THAT Brewery U Pub in Pine.

Lunch time. {photo by Cindy}
Spider on top of geodes. {photo by Li}
Ferns changing color. {photo by Li}
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