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Meadow-Sinkhole Loop
Mogollon Rim
May 22, 2021
by Ted Tenny
  GPS Map 
(intended route)
Trailblazers at Rim Top Trailhead.
Heather, Ted, Diane, Laura

Four fantastic Trailblazers assembled at Rim Top Trailhead. The leader was a little late because the tire warning light was on in his car, and he had stopped twice to check the tires. Found nothing. Kept going.

We drove in caravan to Meadow Trailhead and, after introductions, started hiking southeast then east on the Rim Lakes Vista Trail, #622. Ted thinks the trail is misnamed, because you can’t see any lakes from it. The trail, right on the edge of the Mogollon Rim, does have a number of outstanding overlooks.

The west end of the Rim Lakes Vista Trail is paved.
Alligator Juniper is named for its bark.
There are many outstanding overlooks.
Prickly Pear on the edge of forever.
Lichens munch on the boulders.

The west end of the trail is paved. Just beyond where the pavement ends (eastbound), a tree had fallen over the trail. I tried to go around it on the downhill side. There I fell down.

Nothing broken. But my left hand was all scratched and bleeding. After I got home, my wife saw that my right leg below the knee was the same way.

It was hard getting up. The other Trailblazers tried to help me, then one of them flagged down a father and his grown-up son, who got me up.

The hike was over. Drove from the trailhead back to Mesa with the tire warning light on. Made it fine.

Thanks to Diane, Laura, and Heather for hiking with me! Sorry the hike ended the way it did. I had so much to show you!

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updated May 23, 2021