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Comet Neowise Viewing
July 18, 2020
by Ted Tenny
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Thanks to Micheal Humphrey for organizing and leading this expedition!

Seven sagacious Trailblazers gathered in the Basha’s parking lot in Maricopa. We headed west in caravan to 91st Ave and waited for stragglers to catch up. Then we went around the bend, turned right on 99th Ave, and headed north to find the best viewing spot.

Clouds obscured the comet, but all of us saw it anyway. It was below the Big Dipper.

The Big Dipper was once known as the Drinking Gourd. “Follow the Drinking Gourd” was a song sung by runaway slaves. They traveled mostly by night. The song would remind them to head north, to freedom.

It was good to get together with fellow hikers!

Trailblazers leaving Basha’s parking lot in Maricopa. [photo by Ted]
Sierra Estrella and Sevenmile Mountain catch the last rays. [photo by Ted]
Sunset. [photo by Ted]
The colors deepen. [photo by Ted]Neowise_5_JS
The Comet Neowise. [photo by John Scruggs]
The Comet Neowise, below the Big Dipper. [photo by John Scruggs]
An image of Comet NEOWISE by amateur astrophotographer Bill Dunford, a social media
specialist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).   (Image credit: NASA/Bill Dunford)
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updated July 27, 2020