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Groom Creek Loop Day Hike
April 20, 2019
by Gabrielle McConnell
  Trail Map 
The group at Groom Creek Trailhead. [photo by Gabe]
back: Deirdre, Debbie, Chris, John, Terry, Ramona, Ken, Billie, Neil, Tom, Diane
front:  Rudy, Victoria, Heather, Li, Pete, Tom

There were 19 of us who elected to hike the Groom Creek Trail on April 20. We gathered at the trailhead at 8:30 AM and by the time we got organized, signed in, etc. it was 9 AM, and we were off. The weather was fantastic all day, couldn’t ask for anything better. Coolish as we started off, with some shade and a breeze. When we started out we added slight mileage because we took a detour. But we quickly backtracked and got on the correct trail. The total mileage for the hike ended up at 9.5.

Unfortunately, Jim had to turn back at 1.7 miles as he was not feeling well. We stayed in contact to ensure he was OK. He Uber’d in to Prescott, where we regrouped with him for lunch.

Just driving to Prescott was beautiful.

On the way to Prescott. [photo by Li]

We opted to go counterclockwise, taking the 6 mile route up, with gradual elevation gain to the Lookout Tower. This has the benefit of allowing us to go downhill for the remaining 3 miles. Overall, this has got to be one the most beautiful trails to hike, due to the shady trees and the views.

I think we should talk this over. [photo by Gabe]
Debbie takes it all in stride. [photo by Li]
Terry and Rudy enjoy a great view. [photo by John]

We had plenty of switchbacks to get us to the Lookout Tower with a total elevation gain of 1,590'. We paused several times to catch our breath. This was really a wonderful thing because it reminded us to take the time to enjoy the scenery. Although it started warming up, we had plenty of shade and there was a lovely breeze.

Good spot for a break. [photo by Tom]

Our target was the Lookout Tower, with our plan being to see if we could go up the tower and stop for a lunch break before descending. Some of us went up to the tower, while others elected to have lunch at the picnic tables at the base. The lookout tower was not open, but those who went up still had wonderful views and a great spot for lunch.

After a nice lunch break, we regrouped and took our group picture as this this was more scenic than at the trailhead. We hit the trail again, this time it was all downhill.

We’re not out of the woods yet. [photo by John]

Along the trail we saw some beautiful little flowers and cacti.

Cacti grow in bunches. [photo by Gabe]
Not to be outdone! [photo by Li]

After the hike some of us went to meet Jim at Prescott Station for a nice lunch.

Enjoying a well-deserved lunch at Prescott Station. [photo by John]
Billie, Neil, Rudy, Debbie, Ken, Terry, Jim, Heather, Gabe, Chris

It was a fabulous day!  I thank everyone for coming.

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updated May 11, 2019