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Timber Camp Mountain Day Hike
Salt River Canyon
May 20, 2017
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map 
Bill, Andy, Chris

At 8:15 Andy, Chris, and Bill started hiking. We followed forest road 360. Tall ponderosa pines reached upward to the blue sky above. However, for the most part we hiked among junipers and pinion pines. We stayed left at “RX1”. In the dip near “T3” we again experienced ponderosa pines.

A lone tree stands watch over the trail. Peak 6107 in the distance

At “RX3”, on Andy’s impeccable incorrect recommendation, we went to the left. It resulted in a slight detour to a tank where we took a group photo. A slight breeze over came the minimal tree coverage making for pleasant hiking.

From “T6” toward “T7” the road was near the edge, giving us great views of the expansive valley to the south. We stopped several times to observe and photograph the fires burning in the Pinal Mountains south of Globe.

Fire in the Pinal Mountains. [photo by Chris]
Fire in the Pinal Mountains.
At least the smoke is a long way from us.
Fire watchers Chris and Andy.
Now don’t let it bug you.

At “T7” the road spiraled downward. We chose to go off trail, hiking to the ridge north of us.

Wow! Amazing! We got our first views of the vast expanses to the north: Four Peaks, Roosevelt Lake, Sierra Ancha, Zimmerman Point. We continued on the ridge to “E” where we stopped for lunch. We sat, looked, felt the wind and listened to the silence.

Haystack Butte.
Haystack Butte.
Distant view of the Salt River Canyon.
Bill gazes toward Zimmerman Point.
Dynamic Duo.
Roosevelt Lake and the Four Peaks. [photo by Chris]

At 10:50 we headed back. We stopped to take a few more photos of the fire. It appeared to grow in intensity.

A cloud of smoke, but no “Hi Ho, Silver”.

Bill suggested we try to bag peak 6107. We had time and the weather was good. Took another group photo to document the event. Problem: how can three hikers represents four digits? See photo.

Let’s bag peak 6107.

Before returning to the car, Chis stopped to retrieve his hiking stick. A quad riding camper found it were he had accidentally left it. Soon after changing shoes and a cold beer, we were in the car headed home.

The winds had shifted and dumped smoke down the hillside into Miami, where we stopped for some grub before returning to the valley.

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updated May 20, 2017