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Reeds and autumn colors line the Salt River near Blue Point. [Ted Tenny photo]

Tonto National Forest: Mesquite Ridge
Feb 2004 Mesquite Ridge Apr 2006 Mesquite Ridge Jan 2011 Mesquite Ridge

Tonto National Forest: Butcher Jones Trail
Mar 2006 Butcher Jones Trail Dec 2013 Butcher Jones Trail Dec 2018 Butcher Jones Trail
Jan 2009 Butcher Jones Trail Dec 2015 Butcher Jones Trail Dec 2022 Butcher Jones Trail

Tonto National Forest: Kayaking Saguaro Lake
Feb 2021 Kayaking Dec 2021 Kayaking Mar 2022 Kayaking
Nov 2022 Kayaking Nov 2023 Kayaking Mar 2023 Kayaking

Tonto National Forest: Saguaro Lake and westward
June 2006 Lake Cruise Aug 1998 Salt River Tubing
June 2007 Lake Cruise Dec 2012 Goldfield Oven

Tonto National Forest: Canyon Lake
Apr 2021 Kayaking Aug 2021 Kayaking Nov 2021 Kayaking
Mar 2022 Kayaking Dec 2022 Kayaking Oct 2023 Kayaking

Tonto National Forest: Canyon Lake and eastward
Dec 2002 Coronado Mesa Mar 2010 Mesquite Flat Nov 2008 Apache Lake Camp
Feb 2008 Coronado Mesa Mar 2013 Crucifix Canyon

Tonto National Forest: Bartlett Lake
Jan 2009 Palo Verde Trail Mar 2021 Kayaking Feb 2023 Kayaking
Dec 2023 Kayaking

Tonto National Forest: Gila County
Dec 2014 Verde River Trail

Tonto National Forest: Maricopa Trail
Mar 2018 Bronco to Tonto Feb 2021 Maricopa Trail

Tonto National Forest: Camp Creek
Jan 2023 Camp Creek Falls Feb 2023 Camp Creek Falls

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