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Superstition Wilderness: southeast

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Creek crossing on the way to Rogers Canyon. [Bill Zimmermann photo]

Superstition Mountains: Bluff Spring Loop
Dec 1996 Bluff Spring Loop Jan 2002 Bluff Spring Loop Feb 2013 Bluff Spring Loop
Feb 1999 Bluff Spring Loop Mar 2010 Bluff Spring Loop Dec 2016 Bluff Spring Loop
Apr 2018 Bluff Spring Loop Mar 2022 Bluff Spring Loop Jan 2023 Bluff Spring

Superstition Wilderness: Reavis Ranch
Feb 2006 Reavis Ranch Trail Apr 1998 Ranch Backpack Aug 2003 Ranch Backpack
Nov 2008 Reavis Ranch Trail Sep 1998 Ranch Backpack May 2007 Ranch Backpack

Superstition Wilderness, Charlebois Long Loop from Peralta
Jan 2020 Charlebois Loop Feb 2022 Charlebois Loop

Superstition Mountains: Coffee Flat from Peralta
Feb 2002 Coffee Flat Ridge Jan 2007 Dripping Spring Oct 2018 Whitlow Canyon
Nov 2011 Coffee Flat Mountain Jan 2014 Dripping Spring Oct 2019 Reed’s Water
Oct 2021 Reed’s Water

Superstition Wilderness, starting from Rogers Trough Trailhead
Feb 2001 Rogers Canyon Mar 2013 Rogers Canyon Nov 2010 Millsite Canyon
Oct 2017 Rogers Canyon

Superstition Wilderness, starting from Woodbury Trailhead
Jan 2015 Dripping Spring

Superstition Wilderness: Haunted Canyon
Nov 2007 Haunted Canyon Dec 2008 Haunted Canyon May 2023 Haunted Canyon

Superstition Wilderness: Tule Canyon
Apr 2016 Tule Canyon

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