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Superstition Wilderness, northwest

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Colorful volcanic buttes rise above the Massacre Grounds. [Quy Nguyen photo]

Superstition Mountains: Jacob's Crosscut
Jan 2002 Jacob's Crosscut Mar 2008 Jacob's Crosscut Mar 2016 Jacob's Crosscut
Oct 2007 Jacob's Crosscut Apr 2010 Jacob's Crosscut Apr 2023 Jacob's Crosscut

Superstition Mountains: Flatiron from Siphon Draw
Jan 1998 Siphon Draw Jan 1999 Siphon Draw Dec 2005 Siphon Draw
Feb 2013 Siphon Draw Dec 2017 Siphon Draw Mar 2019 Siphon Draw
Sep 2019 Siphon Draw Mar 2022 Siphon Draw

Superstition Mountains: Praying Hands
Feb 2022 Praying Hands

Superstition Mountains: Prospector's View
Dec 2006 Prospector's View Feb 2009 Prospector's View Mar 2011 Prospector's View
Feb 2015 Prospector's View Dec 2020 Prospector's View

Superstition Mountains: Massacre Grounds
Dec 2000 Massacre Grounds Feb 2009 Massacre Grounds Mar 2014 Massacre Site Rock
Apr 2005 Massacre Grounds Mar 2011 Massacre Grounds Feb 2018 Massacre Grounds
Feb 2019 Massacre Grounds Mar 2021 Massacre Grounds Feb 2023 Massacre Grounds

Superstition Mountains: Garden Valley
Mar 1999 Garden Valley Loop Sep 2016 Hackberry Loop Mar 2012 Garden Valley Arch
Mar 2007 Garden Valley Loop Sep 2017 Hackberry Loop Dec 2014 Garden Valley Arch
Mar 2016 Garden Valley Loop Sep 2022 Hackberry Loop Jan 2021 Garden Valley
Dec 2022 Garden Valley Loop Nov 2023 Garden Valley Loop

Superstition Mountains: O'Grady Canyon area
Jan 2001 O'Grady Canyon Feb 2011 O'Grady Canyon Oct 2011 Tim's Saddle
Feb 2016 Tim's Saddle Loop

Superstition Mountains: Ridgeline
Mar 2022 Superstition Ridgeline

Superstition Mountains: Geronimo Head
Feb 2023 Geronimo Head

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