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Winter on the Jim Thompson Trail. [Wayne Shimata photo]

Sedona: Oak Creek Canyon Camping
Oct 2005 Oak Creek Canyon Oct 2006 Oak Creek Canyon Oct 2007 Oak Creek Canyon
Oct 2008 Oak Creek Canyon May 2017 Pine Flat May 2018 Pine Flat

Sedona: West Fork, Oak Creek Canyon
Oct 2000 West Fork Oct 2002 West Fork Oct 2004 West Fork
Nov 2006 West Fork Nov 2013 West Fork Oct 2018 West Fork
Oct 2019 West Fork June 2020 West Fork Oct 2020 West Fork

Sedona, starting at Girdner Trailhead
Oct 2017 Girdner Trail May 2021 Axis-Girdner

Sedona, starting at Jim Thompson Trailhead
Sep 2000 Angel Falls Oct 2009 Cibola Pass Dec 2015 Thompson Trail
Apr 2005 Barrelhouse May 2013 Cibola Pass May 2016 Thompson Trail
Apr 2008 Angel Falls Apr 2015 Cibola Pass Apr 2018 Thompson Trail
Nov 2023 Soldiers Pass

Sedona: Boynton Canyon
Nov 1996 Boynton Canyon Nov 2008 Boynton Canyon Nov 2017 Boynton Canyon
Oct 2004 Boynton Canyon Apr 2009 Boynton Canyon Nov 2021 Boynton Cave

Sedona: Long Canyon
May 1998 Long Canyon Apr 2017 Long Canyon

Sedona: Loy Canyon
Oct 2005 Loy Canyon Feb 2012 Loy Canyon Apr 2014 Loy Canyon
Oct 2019 Loy Canyon

Sedona: Secret Canyon
Oct 1999 Secret Canyon Apr 2002 Secret Canyon Apr 2006 Secret Canyon
Nov 2009 Secret Canyon

Sedona: Secret Canyon area
May 1999 Bear Sign Canyon Sep 1996 Vultee Arch May 2004 Devil’s Bridge
May 2011 Bear Sign Canyon Apr 2009 Vultee Arch Nov 2020 Sterling Pass

Sedona: Wilson Mountain
Nov 2002 Wilson Mountain Apr 2013 North Wilson Mtn. Nov 2019 North Wilson Mtn.
Oct 2021 North Wilson Mtn. Oct 2022 North Wilson Mtn.

Oct 2015 Sugarloaf May 2021 Fay Canyon Arch
Sep 2014 Adobe Jack Apr 2017 Dogie Trail Oct 2018 Robbers Roost November 2023 Robbers Roost
Nov 2019 Sunrise Feb 2020 Lizard Life May 2020 Fool Canyon
Oct 2022 Tap Tank

Sedona: Bear Canyon
Mar 2000 Bear Mountain Oct 2015 Trail Maintenance Volunteer

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