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Floating bridge at Lake Pleasant. [Wendy Rennert photo]

Lake Pleasant
Jan 2016 Pipeline Canyon Mar 2018 Lake Pleasant Oct 2021 Kayaking
Jan 2022 Kayaking Apr 2022 Kayaking Sep 2022 Kayaking
Feb 2023 Morgan City Wash Jan 2023 Kayaking Dec 2022 Beardsley Trail
Feb 2024 Pipeline Trail Jan 2024 Kayaking

Spur Cross Recreation Area: Spur Cross Trail
Feb 2008 Spur Cross Trail Mar 2017 Spur Cross Trail June 2021 Spur Cross Trail
Apr 2013 Spur Cross Trail Mar 2018 Spur Cross Trail Sep 2021 Spur Cross Trail
Dec 2021 Spur Cross Trail Dec 2022 Spur Cross Trail June 2022 Jewel of the Creek
May 2022 Spur Cross to Chalk July 2022 Jewel of the Creek Oct 2023 Chalk Canyon
Dec 2009 Dragonfly Trail Nov 2017 Elephant Mountain Jan 2018 Mc. Trail to Spear
Nov 2022 Seven Springs Apr 2021 Maricopa Trail June 2021 Metate Trail

Cave Creek Loop
Dec 1999 Cave Creek Loop Mar 2009 Cave Creek Loop Dec 2013 Cave Creek Loop

Cave Creek Regional Park: Overton-GoJohn
Nov 2012 Overton-GoJohn Feb 2014 Overton-GoJohn Jan 2015 Overton-GoJohn

Cave Creek Regional Park
Dec 2000 Go John Trail Mar 2016 Go John - Quartz Jan 2021 P A Seitts Preserve
Jan 2023 Trailblazers Awards

Jan 2022 Camp Creek Falls

Cave Creek
Dec 2014 Chalk Canyon Apr 2019 Desperados

Bartlett Lake
Jan 2009 Palo Verde Trail Mar 2021 Kayaking Mar 2022 Kayaking

Lookout Mountain
July 2021 Lookout Mountain

Prescott National Forest
Dec 2022 Little Hackberry Wash

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