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Red rock pinnacles reach for the sky along Sycamore Creek. [Wayne Shimata photo]

Munds Park
Jul 2019 Crystal Point

East of Stoneman Lake Turnoff
Nov 2017 Old Munds Hwy

East of Sedona Turnoff: Wet Beaver Creek
May 2007 Wet Beaver Creek Apr 2014 Wet Beaver Creek Mar 2021 White Mesa
Oct 2011 Wet Beaver Creek May 2015 Wet Beaver Creek Mar 2022 White Mesa
Mar 2022 Wet Beaver Creek

East of Sedona Turnoff
May 2011 Verde Valley Jul 2017 Bell & V-Bar-V

West of Sedona Turnoff
Oct 2016 Chavez Trail

Nov 2009 Verde Canyon RR Oct 1999 Parsons Spring Nov 2011 Parsons Spring
Mar 2022 Parsons Spring May 2001 Parsons Spring Oct 2014 Parsons Spring

Apr 2015 Thumper Loop

Jan 2016 House Mountain

Camp Verde
Oct 2013 Copper Canyon Oct 2014 Black Canyon May 2015 Ryal Canyon
Oct 2015 Mail Trail #84

Crown King
Nov 2014 Hell's Hole

Nov 2013 Pine Mountain May 2014 Pine Mountain

Apr 2015 Grapevine Trail

Agua Fria National Monument
Dec 2011 Badger Springs Mar 2012 Richinbar Mine Mar 2014 Richinbar Mine November 2023 Badger Springs

Bumble Bee
Nov 2009 Bland Hill

Black Canyon City
Jan 2014 Little Pan Loop Aug 2021 Black Canyon Trail

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