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Flagstaff, Mt. Elden and south
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Fisher Point
Wild rock formations and caves at Fisher Point. [Chuck Parsons photo]

Flagstaff: Mt. Elden
June 2008 Mount Elden June 2014 Mt. Elden Loop Sep 2020 Mt. Elden Loop
June 2010 Mount Elden July 2016 Mt. Elden Loop Oct 2022 Mt. Elden

Flagstaff: near Mt. Elden
June 2013 Little Elden Aug 2014 Fat Man's Loop
Sep 2017 Little Elden Loop Aug 2017 Fat Man's Loop

Aug 1996 Lava River Cave June 2006 Veit Springs July 2018 Rogers Lake
Aug 2001 Lava River Cave July 2009 Fire and Ice

Flagstaff: Campbell Mesa
Sep 2014 Campbell Mesa May 2017 Walnut Meadows June 2018 CAM figure-8

Flagstaff: Sandy’s Canyon
Sep 2010 Sandy’s Canyon July 2011 Sandy’s Canyon Aug 2014 Sandy’s Canyon
July 2017 Sandy’s Canyon Aug 2018 Sandy’s Canyon May 2020 Sandy’s Canyon

Flagstaff: Arizona Trail, passage 31
June 2005 Anderson Mesa July 2013 Fisher Point June 2015 AZT 31 and 33
Aug 2010 Anderson Mesa July 2017 AZT 31 and 32

Flagstaff: Arizona Trail, passage 30: Horse Lake
Sep 2007 Horse Lake May 2012 Horse Lake June 2018 Horse Lake
July 2014 Horse Lake July 2011 Prime Lake

Flagstaff: Arizona Trail, passage 30
Aug 2014 Mineral Belt July 2016 Dairy Springs 30b Sep 2022 Gooseberry Springs
June 2017 Mineral Belt July 2016 Dairy Springs 30c

Flagstaff: south side
June 2012 Cherry Canyon Aug 2014 Kelsey-Dorsey Sep 2011 Mormon Lake
July 2012 Walnut Point Oct 2018 Kelsey-Dorsey June 2020 Highlands-Kachina
Aug 2020 Solders Trail June 2022 Duck Pond Aug 2023 Lake Mary Kayak
July 2023 Mormon Mtn

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