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Arizona Trail at Picketpost
February 16, 2008
by Eileen Root
Fifteen hikers start out around 9AM to hike the Arizona Trail.
Picketpost Mountain
Clouds top Picketpost Mountain on a damp winter morning.

Picketpost Mountain is a postcard picture with the mist surrounding it at the top!

Alamo Canyon
Alamo Canyon dries up in the summer, but not today!

With the rains of the day before we see water in the creeks.

An ocotillo doesn’t want us to go that way.

The Arizona Trail heads south from here, but this passage is going to be re-routed.

Does this look like an old “Beetle” to you?

The saguaro is actually growing behind this moss-covered rock.

Flags put up by volunteers for the Arizona Trail Association show the portion of the trail yet to be worked on.

... and I thought we were going to see spring flowers

We stop here for lunch before heading back.

A friendly ocotillo welcomes us to our picnic lunch.
The weather man said it was going to be sunny today ...

Is that the sun trying to peek out?

Wake me up when we get there.

Resting at the end of the trail after a nine mile hike.

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