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Stairizona in Globe Day Hike
Globe, Az
October 28, 2023
by Tamar Gottfried
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by Tamar
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by Tamar
group A
Time to climb some stairs. {photo by Tamar}
group B
By the pickle trading post. {photo by Lil}

The Stairizona Trail was put together during the Covid pandemic by a local arts organization called I Art Globe and it uses hidden neighborhood staircases and walls built by WPA workers in the 1930s. There are 9 staircases, the largest consisting of 82 steps, 365 stair steps total, 3 bridges and 39 art attractions along the long loop of the trail.

Map of the Stairizona route. {photo by Tamar}
Bridge on Stairizona route. {photo by Michael}

A group of Trailblazers met in Mesa and some carpooled to the Frys in Globe while others drove to Gold Canyon to pick up a few more and to meet up with Lil's group of 6 hikers. We all drove to downtown Globe, parking on Front street and convened for introductions prior to starting our hike. A total of 20 hikers comprised this group.

Trail starts here. {photo by Tamar}
Getting the Trailblazers together. {photo by Lil}

Lil led us to a new segment of this urban hike , passing the 1917 schoolhouse and travelling up a steep hill to the Bark Park dog park. We took some time to appreciate murals and tributes to the dogs that worked in the mines in the last century. A few of us tried to jump in a mining cart.

Old home in Globe. {photo by Michael}
Up to the nice dog park. {photo by Heather}
Time to go mining. {photo by Lil}

We then walked back down to downtown Globe, passing our first staircase mosaic artwork and it was one of the most impressive. We passed a wall with a bunch of small murals that we could insert ourselves in and create our own art. Next was a long steep stairwell, decorated of course, where we paused for a group photo. At the top, we had a good view of the Globe G on the hill across town from us. We continued on, past murals and decorated stairs and bridges, also getting a nice view of Globe homes decorated for Halloween and local dogs who loudly welcomed our group to town

You can see if you get the angle correct it is just a single picture. {photo by Lil}
Great art work. {photo by Lil}
Colorfull art work. {photo by Lil}
Angel in Globe. {photo by Carol}

Our next stop was the Pickle Barrel Trading Post, which has 8000 sq feet of knickknacks, local art, snacks, cowboy hats, garden sculptures and more. Wanting to explore more before lunch, we reluctantly left the large store, but not before a few hikers bought things to add to their packs. After a nice group photo, we walked to an underpass with multiple amazing pieces of art drawn on the walls. At this point, 3 of our hikers had to head back to the Valley, but the rest of us continued past a large wall with the I love Globe mural, sponsored by the local organization called " Love Where you Live".

Amazing mural. {photo by Lil}
Dancing in Globe. {photo by Carol}
Another amazing mural. {photo by Lil}
I Love Globe. {photo by Carol}

Our next stop was the Holy Angels Catholic Church, dedicated in 1918, which has majestic architecture reminiscent of chapels in Europe, but with a local twist. We then wandered on to the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts, housed in the old courthouse and filled with art and history and a bunch of old safes. We reassembled and walked past the Globe Centennial Clock , crossed the railroad tracks and started making our way up, past some neighborhoods to the Globe G. The little trail that took us to the G was named after Rose Mofford. We took a break, looking down on the down at the G.

Holy Angels Catholic Church. {photo by Michael}
Inside the church. {photo by Michael}
The G
G is for Globe. {photo by Michael}

After our brief rest, we continued on to the local cemetery- looking graves both recent and ancient- going back to the 1800s and including confederate soldiers, buffalo soldiers and more. No ghosts found even this close to Halloween, so we came back down, crossed another bridge over the US 60 and made it back to downtown Globe. This hike is listed as 6.3 miles, but we did 7.5 with 950 ft of elevation gain.

Globe very old cemetery. {photo by Michael}
buffalo soldiers
Buffalo soldiers, pre WW I. {photo by Michael}

With our appetites piqued, we then travelled a few miles in our cares to Chalos Casa Reynoso, where we were welcomed with our own dining room, quick and attentive service, and excellent Mexican food at reasonable prices. Nicely tired with full bellies, we said our goodbyes and started back to the Valley, now with a new appreciation for this little historic and art loving town.

Yellow Bird of Paradise. {photo by Carol}
More stairs. {photo by Carol}
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