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Storm Trails Day Hike
April 13, 2021
by Billie Horn
Trailblazers ready to hike. [photo by Wendy]
standing: Billie, Eugenie, Mimi, Steve, Paula, Sonny, Diane, Pat, Ken, Wendy
kneeling:  Rodney, Neil

This hike was rescheduled once due to snow, but Tuesday we were blessed with perfect weather conditions. The breeze during the hike was really refreshing and very welcome.

Eleven hikers met at the Peavine Trailhead at 9:00 and started hiking north on the Peavine Trail, which is a dirt and gravel road running parallel with the old railroad tracks. Very soon the water from the south end of Watson Lake came into view. Normally there are Blue Herron standing in the knee deep water along this stretch, but I didn’t see any today.

After 1.3 miles we turned right and entered the Storm Trail area through a gate to the Captain’s Trail. Neil led us up, down and around several loops, while I shared the sweep position with Rodney and Mimi. We stopped at a scenic lookout titled Yabba Dabba View for a snack break and some picture taking.

Watson Lake. [photo by Wendy]
I can see you! [photo by Billie]
It was this big. [photo by Billie]
Billie knows what she’s talking about. [photo by Sonny]
In the midst of the Granite Dells. [photo by Billie]
I’ll take the trail, thank you. [photo by Billie]
Like the shell of a giant turtle. [photo by Billie]

After following all the white dots, we exited the area by way of the Easter Island Trail 0.2 miles farther north. Back on the Peavine Trail, the walk back to the trailhead was 1.5 miles. At this point, the expected wind became quite gusty.

Mimi and Billie are in the lead at this point. [photo by Steve]
Hedgehog cactus in bloom. [photo by Steve]
Lots of Hedgehogs blooming. [photo by Wendy]
Lichens munch oh a granite boulder. [photo by Sonny]
A lone, wild bird. [photo by Wendy]
Follow the white dots. [photo by Sonny]
Trailblazers take a break on the rocks. [photo by Wendy]
Granite Mountain looms in the background. [photo by Steve]

This is a neat little hike with many photo ops. Wendy, Steve and Sonny were clicking away all day. The views of Watson Lake are stunning from the boulders.

Thanks to all who have shared photos, and thanks for joining us. We had a great time with a cool bunch of hikers.

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updated April 17, 2021