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Sunset Nature Walk
Veterans Oasis Park, Chandler
April 20, 2021
by Lin Chao
  GPS Map 
by Ted Tenny
Trailblazers assemble at Veterans Oasis Park. [photo by Ted]
Tamar, Lin, Alina, Tamar’s dad John, Carl

It was 91° F when we arrived the parking lot, but it was still very comfortable. Thanks to everyone who came to walk with me. That was a relaxing walk. It was nice to see Jim and Ted come to hike, thanks to Alina for staying behind and keeping Ted company. Yes, it was short walk, but it’s always good to be out and enjoy the natural beauty.

Prickly Pear. [photo by Ted]
Saguaro by the trail, early in the hike. [photo by Ted]
San Tan Mountain. [photo by Ted]
Owl. [photo by Jim]
Late afternoon by the water. [photo by Ted]
Alina walks at dusk. [photo by Ted]
After the hike: Lin, Jim, Carl, Tamar, John. [photo by Ted]

Supplemental Report
by Ted Tenny

We started out eastbound—a good direction to go at sunset. Then we turned north and walked by a road. Hikers soon got separated, with Alina and me in the sweep position. The others were out of sight, but it didn’t matter because both Alina and I like to take pictures.

We passed dry lakes with tire tracks in them. Alina pointed out some of the wildlife. Then we started seeing water. At the high point of our hike I got a picture of a cactus apple.

Next we went by the water, and with it, mosquitos. Boy were they fierce!

Trailside flowers. [photos by Ted]
yellow red
green green
red yellow
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updated April 21, 2021