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Lost Goldmine Trail Day Hike
Superstition Wilderness
January 26, 2019
by Ted Tenny
Ted’s   GPS Map
Ted’s   GPS Map
Dave’s     GPS Map 
Dave’s   Elevation 
Trailblazers at Broadway Trailhead. [photo by Quy]
front:  Carolyne, Debbie, Mimi, Quy, Sally, Li, Pete, Tirzah, Herm, Tom S.
back: Tom J., Bettye, Ted, Linda, John, Neil, Joe, Billie, Dave, Jeanne, Dror, Ian, Michael, Terry, Ken, Rebecca, Moé

Last time, I led the long hike. Today I led the short hike and Li Li led the long hike. Thank you, Li! The day was cool and clear, just right for hiking.

We tried something different: I drove to Lost Goldmine Trailhead with the carpool drivers for the long hike, then took them back to Broadway to start. It worked fine.

Flatiron and Peak 5024, in the Superstition Mountains. [photo by Quy]
Starting on Jacob’s Crosscut Trail.
[photo by Tirzah]
There’s nothing funny going on here.
[photo by Tirzah]
Trailblazers on Jacob’s Crosscut Trail. [photo by Quy]
The Lost Goldmine Trail officially begins at the sign. [photo by Ted]
Superstition Ridgeline looks pretty smooth from here. [photo by Ted]

Everyone started more or less together. But we soon spread out on the trail, with fast hikers surging ahead us slow hikers lagging behind. We split into at least three groups: fast hikers led by Li, middlin’ hikers, and slow hikers. I never saw the fast hikers again.

The corner post is that-a-way. [photo by Li]
The Corner Post. [photo by Ted]
A cholla skeleton. [photo by Ted]
“Short” hikers Dror, Bettye, Jeanne, Mimi, Tirzah, Ted, Sally, Joe. [photo by John]

I like to document changes in the wilderness by taking “before” and “after” pictures from the same spot. But not this time. The place where I took a picture on February 26, 2008, couldn’t be found. Evidently they’ve re-routed the trail since then.

Jeanne, John, and a “boot” from a saguaro. [photo by Ted]
Just out for a stroll, mind you. [photo by Ted]
Who says I don’t talk back? [photo by Ted]
Believe me, I don’t bite. [photo by Ted]
Someone arranged these stones carefully. [Ted]

Us “short” hikers got to the corner post, took pictures, then started back. Broadway Trailhead was full, with cars parked ’way down the street. But it wasn’t far, and everyone on the short hike had a good time.

→   More pictures, by Quy
→   More pictures, by Li
→   More pictures, by Tom

Supplemental Report
by Li Li

After parting with Ted’s hiking group, eighteen adventurous trailblazers continued on for a long hike to finish the east side of Lost Goldmine Trail. Everyone was so eager to keep going to see what this trail had to offer us.

We hiked for a mile after leaving the short hiking group and encountered the residential area which was marked on the GPS as Cloudview Ave in a small luxury neighborhood. It’s about an 1.46 mile connection between the west Lost Goldmine to the east Lost Goldmine Trail. We passed the paved road and met a couple walking their dogs in their neighborhood. Soon we saw a large new parking lot which was the old Lost Goldmine Trail dirt parking lot before, now with new looks and more parking spaces.

A big sign on the trailhead told us we had reached the east trail of Lost Goldmine. The start of this trail shared a common short path with Hieroglyphic trail, which then separated at a fork. We steered right to continue on the Lost Goldmine. On a small hill we got a good view of the Superstation Mountains from the back and Apache Junction and Gold Canyon area in front of us.

Michael suggested we have a lunch break overlooking the scenic vistas. Everyone enjoyed the expansive foothill views, good conversations with fellow hikers, and a well-deserved lunch.

After the break we continued our journey to the east. The beautiful panoramic view of all the Sonoran desert mountains surrounded us. The big saguaros, fishhook cactus, chain fruit cholla and a few wildflowers greeted us along the way. Although early spring, the golden poppies had already started blooming, and Moé and Quy eagerly snapped photos, soaking in the crisp fresh nature air provided by the Superstation Wilderness.

The east side of Lost Goldmine Trail offers a great glimpse of Hieroglyphic Mountain in the beginning, the Superstition Ridgeline, Flatiron, peaks of 5024' and 5057' in the middle and Wave Cave at the end. About two miles before the trail ended we met a horse rider with his dog.

We also met few small groups of hikers along the trail, but when we reached the Wave Cave we saw lots of people. When I finally saw Michael pass the cattle feeding trough and walk toward the Wave Cave trail sign I was overjoyed. On the left of Lost Goldmine Trail about a quarter mile from the Wave Cave sign, we saw a faint trail with a small fence opening that leads to the old mine area on the left of the hill. We had toured this old mine last year with Michael.

The overachievers in the long hiking group finished the hike in little over 5 hours for about 11 miles and at a speed of over 2 miles per hour, with 18 hikers. Although the weather was a little hot, everyone made it safe and sound and enjoyed the lovely and gentle rolling hills.

Thank you, Ted, for organizing this beautiful and adventurous hike and hope we will come back again next year to see more wildflowers in the late spring.

Thank you, Michael, for co-leading on the long hike. Thank you, Quy and Tom, for waiting patiently at the end of the trail, and Quy, for driving us to Broadway Trailhead. I hope that everyone gets a good sleep and feels refreshed tomorrow.

It was great pleasure to meet some new people and see many old friends on the hike. I hope to see you again in the future hikes. Have a nice weekend!


Heading down from the Corner Post. [photo by Quy]
The second gate opens to a residential district in Gold Canyon. [photo by Li]
We pass through a residential district on Cloudview. [photo by Li]
Made it to Cloudview Trailhead. [photo by Quy]
Once we leave Cloudview it’s all wilderness. [photo by Li]
Why not take a break here? [photo by Quy]
Let’s talk this over. [photo by Li]
What do you say, Li? [photo by Li]
Better watch out for that cactus behind you! [photo by Li]
We get an excellent view of the Superstition Ridgeline. [photo by Quy]
The trail has some ups and downs. [photo by Quy]
Rocky butte along the way. [photo by Quy]
We pass through a saguaro forest. [photo by Quy]
It gets plenty rugged up there. [photo by Moé]
A butterfly graces our passage. [photo by Moé]
Sign for the Wave Cave. [photo by Li]
We met a cowboy on the trail. [photo by Li]
The Dacite Cliffs! We’re almost there! [photo by Li]
A butterfly greets us. [photo by Quy]
Golden Poppy. [photo by Quy]
Golden Poppies. [photo by Li]
Michael knows the way. [photo by Li]
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