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Mt. Ord Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
May 12, 2018
by Debbie Rowray

A beauty to behold, with an excursion on a jeep trail, Mt Ord is 4000+ feet of consistent climbing and heart-pumping challenge.

On this day, seven Arizona Trailblazers set forth to experience a tasteful part of what the Grand Canyon would give them in two weeks.

It was a chilly start, yet with the ascent starting almost from the get-go, we all warmed up, switching back and forth among junipers with a refreshing breeze that lasted until the top.

We hiked from Slate Creek. [photo by Terry]
It’s a big climb, but you can see Roosevelt Lake. [photo by Janet]
Our trail is a forest road. [photo by Tom]
We’re making good progress. [photo by Li]
Tom takes it easy at the top. [photo by Janet]
Gaillardia pulchella - Indian Blanket [Janet]

We all took a few breaks along the way, with our lunch on the top of the mountain. The winds were strong and chilling, yet we enjoyed conversation and food while hiding behind the tower maintenance buildings.

We found a good picnic spot. [photo by Tom]
Let’s get out of the wind. [photo by Tom]
This is the life! [photo by Tom]
Why don’t we just stay here? [photo by Li]

The descent from Mt Ord was beautiful, yet tough on the knees and lower back. Trekking poles aided many of us in completion of our hike back to the wash. Cars far below travelling the Beeline Highway resembled metallic boxes glistening in the sun, yet it was nice, for a time, to not hear their bustle and commotion.

Mt Ord has much variance in vegetation along the trail. The vistas, even prior to the summit, are utterly amazing; as one can see Four Peaks, and a large portion of the Mazatzal Wilderness, along with the Mogollon Rim rising majestic on the northern horizon.

A very warm thank you to all who conquered this 7,129 foot mountain with me! We hiked 8 hours, 19 minutes, accomplishing 16.63 miles, with an elevation gain of 4,235 feet!

The hikers were Tom, Michael, Terry, Michelle, Li, Janet, and me.

What an awesome post-Grand Canyon adventure!

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updated June 2, 2018