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Mt. Ord Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
April 27, 2017
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map
  GPS Map
Trailblazers gather at Slate Creek.
Yanis, Bill, Tom, Gary, Herm, Debbie, Mohammed, Carol, Scott, Chris

Crazy start. The closing of the Bush highway due to the Cactus Fire meant changing the meeting place from Power to Shea. Gary showed up at Leisure World without his backpack. Gerry did not get the e-mail noting the change.

Adjustments were made, group picture taken, and at 7:04, ten hikers started the long walk. Five minutes and 200 feet into the hike, Gerry’s vehicle pulled into the trailhead.

The road is fairly smooth here. [photo by Tom]
Now if I were the last tree ...
Horned toad captures our attention.
Bright vegetation. [photo by Mohammed]

The plan was to walk your pace with a brief re-group at “RX”. Tom and Yanis continued. After joining Herm, the group waited 10 minutes and at 9:30 continuing on. Herm stopped to rest at the gate. Nine of continued the last 400 feet to the top.

Gerry and eight others made it to the top.

At the towers we looked for warm and windless places to eat our lunch. After another group picture we took one last gaze at the scenery below, before we headed down.

Let’s take a break. [photo by Debbie]
Hedgehog cactus has colorful blossoms. [photo by Mohammed]
What a view! [photo by Debbie]
Horned toad. [photo by Debbie]
FCC Licensed. [photo by Mohammed]
Herm finds a spot. [photo by Mohammed]
Hmmm, this seems to be the right place.
No snake in the grass, around here. [photo by Mohammed]

We met Herm and Carol at the gate. At about one o’clock the clouds came in. The temperature was comfortable and lessened the need for extra stashed water. Good, as some of us could not find our stashes.

At 2:20 the last of the hikers returned to the vehicles.

15.35 miles, +-4151 feet.

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updated April 30, 2017