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Picketpost Perimeter Day Hike
January 28, 2017
by Eileen Root
by Bill Zimmermann
Trailblazers pass muster at Picketpost Trailhead. [photo by Bill]
Back Row: Michael, Eileen, Monika, Deirdre, Mimi, Karen, Chuck, Jeanie, Andy, Tamar
Kneeling: Bill, April

We hiked this loop clockwise, starting out at Picketpost Trailhead then turning off to hike the trail along Arnett Creek. It had been five days since this area had any rain, so the creek should be fairly dry, right?

Well, we did 11 creek crossings and everyone got their feet wet. The trail was completely wiped out in several places! But everyone was a trooper as we trudged down the canyon following the creek, finally reaching a road that would take you up to the Apache Tears mine. That will be another time and place to hike to.

For now we are doing the perimeter. The trail takes off across the creek and to the right, on the east side of Picketpost Mountain.

When we reach the halfway point of our hike, we stop for lunch by some pools with small waterfalls.

As we get ready to continue our hike after lunch, we are joined by three riders heading the opposite way. We feed the animals our apple cores.

One of our many creek crossings. [photo by Eileen]
Creek crossing. [photo by April]
Creek crossing. [photo by Eileen]
Creek crossing. [photo by April]
Weathering and erosion did this. [photo by Eileen]
Are these metates? [photo by Eileen]
Karen and Jeanie having lunch by the pools. [photo by Eileen]
Andy resting at our lunch spot. [photo by April]
Light Cavalry. [photo by April]

We head for a dirt road that takes us over the saddle to our right, and after reaching the top, continue down the road to a cairn marking another road. This road is a camping spot, but at the very end is our trail that will connect to the Arizona Trail, taking us back to the trailhead.

Another beautiful day, another adventurous hike!

Trailblazers head back to Picketpost Trailhead. [photo by Bill]
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updated January 30, 2017