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Pictures for Trip Reports
My thanks to everyone who has sent in Trip Report pictures! With the advent of digital photography, they are looking better all the time. A few thoughts:
•   Choose only the best pictures. 
Sometimes you have to include at least one of your best friend’s pictures–I know that. Otherwise, choose only the ones that will help your report.
 Include the photographer’s name in the caption if it isn’t you. 
 Send the pictures full size. 
All pictures, including mine, are edited before they appear in a Trip Report. Picture editing turns out best when I have a full size picture to start with.
 If your pictures are on line, set it up so that just anybody can see them and download them without having to create an account and log in. 
 Our maximum picture width in Trip Reports is 600 pixels. 
Short and very wide pictures look great framed on the wall, but they don’t make it in Trip Reports. Tall and very thin pictures are also problematic.
 The best captions are brief one-liners. 
A long, soupy caption should become a paragraph in your report, to go beside the picture. I’ll make up captions if need be.
 Leave out any picture that you wouldn’t want the whole world to see. 
Admittedly I censor some photos that have me in them, so I won’t look too awful.
Our club has photographers at all levels. But we are a hiking club, not a photography club. Although I make a big deal about carrying a camera on hikes, no one has to. Still, I want to make the Trip Reports look as good as possible, working with what we have.
People really do read our Trip Reports.

→  See also: Taking Pictures on Hikes.
Az Trailblazers Web Master,    

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