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Writing Your Trip Report

    Thank you for leading a trip for the Arizona Trailblazers! This page offers some ideas for writing your report. Trip reports are fun to read, highly informative, and helpful to others who may be planning to hike in Arizona.
    We want to hear all about it, in your own words.  Send an email to our friendly , who will format your words in HTML for the Arizona Trailblazers web page.
 Aw, do I have to write a trip report? 
But I think you should. There are advantages:
•  You get to share your experience.
•  Your own words and pictures appear on a popular website.
•  It helps the Arizona Trailblazers.
•  Send the link to your friends! Relatives! Fellow hikers!

 How to send in your report: 
•  Your way is the right way. You don’t have to sweat HTML, or Microsoft Word, or anything else: just send it. You’ll get to review the report online before it is released.

 Some good information to include in your report: 
•  Trip name, location, date, leader, number of participants.
•  First names of participants, as a caption under the group picture.
What you saw or encountered (rock formations, wildlife, people, thornscrub, etc.).
Trails, trailheads, campsites, bushwhacking (oh, no!), getting lost or rained on.
Good stories from your trip.
Lessons learned, for the enlightenment of future hikers.

 Information to leave out of your report: 
•  Last names of participants, with the exception of hike leaders.
Anything else that you wouldn’t want the whole world to see.

For the most professional-looking report, choose the top ten pictures.
Include scenery, people, wildlife, streams, flowers, all things bright and colorful.
•  Send them digitized in JPEG format (preferred). GIFs, TIFFs, etc. are also acceptable.
Send the pictures full size. The attachments may take multiple emails.
The Webmaster will format your pictures for the trip report.
Include the photographer’s first name, if it isn’t you.
If you can think of clever captions, by all means provide them.
More About Pictures

•  The most valuable Trip Reports are the ones which include a GPS map. If anyone on your hike recorded a map in JPEG or PNG format generated from their GPS, send it.
If your computer happens to have the TOPO state series software from National Geographic, send the map as a file in .tpo format, as well as a JPEG.

That’s all. Email your words, pictures and maps to our .
After the report is finished you can share it with your friends by sending them its URL, for example:   http://www.azhikers.org/reports/p_2015/WeddingCake15.html

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