AZHC Meeting
 March 19, 2024 
 Members and Visitors Welcome 
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Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club Meeting

Tempe Bar and Grill in Phoenix - Boulders on Broadway
530 W. Broadway Road , Tempe 85252

 Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at 6:00 PM 

Our meeting location is conveniently located near freeways and accessible from Scottsdale, Phoenix and the East and South Valley. The menu is varied and affordable- Taco Tuesdays and happy hour menu available and they have several rooms available to us- quiet, cool and projector/ screen or monitor ready to use. Even parking is easy. Please join us!
Please RSVP to so we have a guestimate of how many attendees will be there.

guest speaker: Isaac Easley
subject: PBS hiking adventure show
    Isaac Ike Easley host of Trail Mix'd and Arizona native takes you behind the scenes of the outdoor PBS hiking adventure show. Learn what goes into the production and fun stories about the crew. Also explore other hiking adventures Ike has been on including Iceland, Machu Picchu, and New Zealand. Get ready to laugh and talk adventure!

Welcome, Introductions

President: Tamar Gottfried
Treasurer: Tom Simonick
Webmaster: Michael Humphrey
Statistician: Vivian Huang   

Previous Hikes:
Sept 24 - Aravipa Canyon Day Hike, Galiuro Mountains: Michael Humphrey
Sept 28 - Lost Dog Wash Trail to Taliesin Overlook Day Hike, McDowell Sonoran Conservancy: Robbi Fowler
Sept 30 - Plateau Point Day Hike, Grand Canyon: Li Li 
Oct 5   - Ballantine Trail, Rio Verde Day Hike, Four Peaks Wilderness: Billie Horn
Oct 7   - Saddle Mountain Day Hike, Mazatzal Mountains: Tamar Gottfried
Oct 12  - Storm Trails Day Hike, Prescott: Billie Horn
Oct 14  - Calloway Butte Day Hike, Strawberry, AZ: Victoria Johnson
Oct 21  - Abineau/ Bear Jaw Day Hike, San Francisco Peaks: Li Li 
Oct 24  - Kayaking, Canyon Lake: Chuck Parsons 
Oct 26  - Calk Canyon Day Hike, Spur Cross Ranch Conservancy: Robbi Fowler
Oct 28  - Stairizona in Globe Hike, Globe: Tamar Gottfried
Nov 4   - Volunteer work Day Hike, Sedona:  Li Li
Nov 5 - 9 - Apache Lake Kayak/ Campout, Superstitions: Norma Scott
Nov 11 - Badger Springs Day Hike, Black Canyon: Michael Humphrey 
Nov 12 - Boynton Canyon Day Hike, Sedona: Li Li
Nov 18 - Garden Valley/ Hackberry Loop Day Hike, Superstitions: Michael Humphrey

Upcoming Hikes:
Nov 22 - Hau and Alta Loop day hike Hike, Phoenix: Deirdre Sparling
Nov 23 - Skyline Regional Park Hike, Phoenix: Roberta Fowler 
Nov 24 - Gilbert Riparian Preserve Hike, Gilbert Riparian Preserve: Lin Chao 
Nov 25 - Picketpost perimeter Hike, Superior: Tamar Gottfried
Nov 26 - Bell and Weir Trails, Sedona: Stan Bindell 
Nov 27 - Ranger, National, Pyramid, Kiwanis and Las Lomitas Trails Loop day Hike, Phoenix: Deirdre Sparling 
Nov 27 - Sunrise Mountain Trail Day Hike, Peoria: Wendy Rennert 
Nov 28 - Saguaro Lake Kayaking, Superstitions: Chuck Parsons 
Dec 1  - Holbert, National and Corona de Loma Trails Loop day Hike, Phoenix: Deirdre Sparling
Dec 2  - << open >>
Dec 8 - 10 - Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Car Camp, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument: Lin Chao 
Dec 12 - Bartlett Lake Kayaking, Superstitions: Chuck Parsons 
Dec 13 - HAU’ PAL, FULL ALTA AND RETURN day Hike, Phoenix: Deirdre Sparling
Dec 16 - << open >>
Dec 23 - << open >> 
Dec 31 - Tempe Town Lake Walk, Tempe: Lin Chao
Jan 6  - << open >> 
Jan 13 - << open >>
Jan 20 - Awards and Hike, Phoenix: Tamar Gottfried 

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