AZHC Meeting
May 21, 2019
 Members and Visitors Welcome 
to: Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
from: Tamar Gottfried
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subject: AZHC Meeting, May 21

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club Meeting

 Tuesday, May 21, 2019, at 6:00 PM

 1862 W. Baseline Rd. Mesa, AZ 85202
          Dobson Rd.

          Superstition Freeway (US 60)

                     Baseline Rd.
guest speaker: Beth Keune, Arizona Advocate for Leave No Trace
subject: Leaving No Trace
    My goal is to share the principles with hikers, emphasizing some the most
important principles in Arizona, like Plan Ahead and Prepare, Pack it in-pack
it out, and stay on designated trails. I would also love your organization’s
feedback on issues they would like to see addressed, and share some exciting
things going on in this state.


Welcome, Introductions

President: Tamar Gottfried
Treasurer: Monika Hahues
Webmaster: Ted Tenny
Statistician: Jim Buyens

Previous Hikes:
Mar 23 - Ridgeline, Superstitions: Tom Simonick
Mar 23 - Latigo-Whiskey Loop, Scottsdale: Quy Nguyen
Mar 23 - Maricopa Trail, Userys: Michelle Jelsma
Mar 24 - Monument Canyon, Superstitions: Michael Humphrey
Mar 30 - Peak 5057, Superstitions: Debbie Rowray
Mar 30 - Watson Lake Loop, Prescott: Jim Buyens
Mar 30 - Hawes Trails, Usery Mountains: Michelle Jelsma
Apr  6 - Battleship Mountain, Superstitions: Michael Humphrey
Apr  7 - Desert Mountain, Scottsdale: Tamar Gottfried
Apr 13 - Pass Mountain Loop, Goldfields: Debbie Rowray
Apr 13 - Goldwater Lake, Prescott: Jim Buyens
Apr 14 - Haunted Canyon, Superior: Tamar Gottfried
Apr 20 - Groom Creek Loop, Prescott: Gabrielle McConnell
Apr 27 - Derrick-Horton Loop, Mogollon Rim: Tamar Gottfried
Apr 28 - Thompson Peak, Mcdowells: Debbie Rowray
May  4 - Dixie Mountain, Phoenix: Gabrielle McConnell
May 11 - Mt. Ord, Sunflower: Debbie Rowray
May 11 - Woodchute Mountain, Jerome: Jim Buyens
May 18 - Goldwater Lake, Prescott: Gabrielle McConnell

Upcoming Hikes:
May 25 - Sandy's Canyon, Flagstaff: Jim Buyens
May 25-27 - Grand Canyon Hikes, Grand Canyon: Michael Humphrey
Jun  1 - << open >>
Jun  8 - Pine Canyon, Mogollon Rim: Li Li
Jun 15 - << open >>
Jun 22 - V Bar V Trail, Sedona: Michael Humphrey
Jun 29 - Rim Vista Loop, Mogollon Rim: Ted Tenny
Jul 4-7 - Backpacking, Aravaipa Canyon: Michael Humphrey
Jul  6 - << open >>
Jul 13 - << open >>

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