AZHC Meeting
March 20, 2018
 Members and Visitors Welcome 
to: Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
from: Tamar Gottfried
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subject: AZHC Meeting, March 20

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club Meeting

 Tuesday, March 20, 2018, at 6:00 PM

 Old Chicago, 1656 S. Alma School, Mesa

        Alma School Rd.

 Superstition Freeway     (US 60)

guest speaker: Tamar Gottfried, MD
subject: Wilderness First Aid
   Tamar will present information from a 43 hour Wilderness Medicine
certification course, including how to improvise equipment and deal with
challenging environmental conditions. Be prepared for some hands-on learning
on wound assessment and splinting techniques! Please bring your own hiking
first aid kit so we can go through what’s inside.


Welcome, Introductions

President: Tamar Gottfried
Treasurer: Monika Hahues
Webmaster: Ted Tenny
Statistician: Jim Buyens

Previous Hikes:
Jan 20 - Awards, Usery Mountain Park: Tamar Gottfried
Jan 27 - Skyline Regional Park, Buckeye: Yanis Braukis
Feb  3 - Alta-Bajada Loop, South Mountain: Dave French
Feb  3 - Massacre Grounds, Superstitions: Tamar Gottfried
Feb 10 - Wind Cave, Superstitions: Michael Humphrey
Feb 17 - Cat Peaks, Goldfields: Ted Tenny
Feb 17 - Go John-Quartz, Cave Creek: Jim Buyens
Feb 17 - LaBarge Canyon, Superstitions: Tamar Gottfried
Feb 24 - Goat Canyon, White Tanks: Chuck Parsons
Feb 24 - Little Pan Loop, Black Canyon City: Jim Buyens
Mar  3 - Parker Pass Plus, Superstitions: Ted Tenny
Mar  3 - Fossil Springs, Strawberry: Tamar Gottfried
Mar 10 - Ridgeline, Superstitions: Michael Humphrey
Mar 10 - Badger Brawl, Phoenix: Gabe McConnell
Mar 17 - Spur Cross, Cave Creek: Gabe McConnell
Mar 17 - Picacho Peak, Tucson: Debbie Rowray

Upcoming Hikes:
Mar 24 - Picketpost Mountain, Superior: Debbie Rowray
Mar 24 - Bronco to Tonto, Carefree: Dave French
Mar 31 - Gila River Canyons, Superior: Chuck Parsons
Apr  7 - Robbers' Roost, Superstitions: Michael Humphrey
Apr 14 - Jim Thompson Trail, Sedona: Ted Tenny
Apr 21 - Salida Gulch, Prescott: Chuck Parsons
Apr 28 - << open >>
Apr 29-May 2 - Backpacking, Aravaipa Canyon: Michael Humphrey
May  5 - << open >>
May 12 - << open >>

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