AZHC Meeting
January 15, 2019
 Members and Visitors Welcome 
to: Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
from: Tamar Gottfried
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subject: AZHC Meeting, November 20

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club Meeting

 Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at 6:00 PM

 1250 S. Alma School Rd. Mesa, AZ 85210
        Southern Ave.

 Superstition Freeway     (US 60)


        Alma School Rd.
guest speaker: Kelly Nalder
subject: Backpacking
   Kelly will be talking about starting as a novice backpacker to becoming
a very experienced backpacker while hiking the Appalachian Trail this year.
How she prepared: gear, expenses, what to expect on the trail, what she
didn’t expect, nutrition or lack thereof, what it’s like dropping out of
society and being away from family. She has many pictures and stories and
can cover many more topics. Will answer all questions.


Welcome, Introductions

President: Tamar Gottfried
Treasurer: Monika Hahues
Webmaster: Ted Tenny
Statistician: Jim Buyens

Previous Hikes:
Nov 23 - Picketpost Perimeter, Superior: Tamar Gottfried
Nov 24 - Idaho Pass, Goldfields: Ted Tenny
Dec  1 - Saddle Mountain, Mazatzals: Michael Humphrey
Dec  1 - Pass Mountain Trail, Goldfields: Monika Hahues
Dec  8 - Coyote Canyon Trail, Scottsdale: Quy Nguyen
Dec  8 - La Barge Canyon, Superstitions: Tamar Gottfried
Dec 15 - Dome Mountain, Goldfields: Debbie Rowray
Dec 15 - Hawknest Trail, Scottsdale: Quy Nguyen
Dec 22 - Windgate Pass, Scottsdale: Tom Simonick
Dec 22 - Butcher Jones Trail, Saguaro Lake: Quy Nguyen
Dec 29 - Hackamore to Dome Mountain, Goldfields: Ted Tenny
Dec 31 - Thunderbird, Phoenix: Michael Humphrey
Jan  5 - Picketpost Mountain, Superior: Debbie Rowray
Jan  6 - Table Top Mountain, Casa Grande: Quy Nguyen
Jan 12 - Adero Canyon, Fountain Hills: Monika Hahues

Upcoming Hikes:
Jan 19 - AZHC Awards, Papago Park: Tamar Gottfried
Jan 26 - Lost Goldmine Trail, Superstitions: Ted Tenny
Feb  2 - << open >>
Feb  9 - << open >>
Feb 16 - Chimney Mountain Mocha, Sedona: Mark Purcell
Feb 23 - Flatiron, Superstitions: Debbie Rowray
Mar  2 - << open >>
Mar  9 - << open >>
Mar 16 - << open >>
Mar 17-19 - Charlebois Backpack, Superstitions: Michael Humphrey

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