Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Hiker Awards Program
Hiking is not a competitive sport. However, the club would like to recognize hikers, leaders, and carpool drivers, and reward them for their achievements.

Individual Hikers

  1. The purpose of the hiker awards program is to encourage and reward participation in club hikes.
  2. A club hike must:
    • Be announced on the club web site.
    • Be led by an official leader.
    • Follow the announced route (however, the hike leader may change the route based on weather, obstructions, or other conditions).
    • Be hiked as a group. This means the whole group will start the hike together and generally remain together until the hike is complete.
  3. After each hike, the hike leader will inform the club statistician how many miles each participant completed.
    • If a hiker fails to complete the whole hike, they will get credit for the actual number of miles hiked.
    • A subgroup of the entire party may take a side trip with a co-leader, that mileage will count as official club miles. With no co-leader then it will not count.
  4. The club statistician will record the number of miles each club participant completes and publish the totals at each club meeting between March and November.
  5. In January, the statistician will report the total annual miles for each hiker to the president. The president will then announce the final standings and present awards as chosen by the club officers. Awards will be available only to club members.
  6. The member with the most miles will be declared Hiker of the Year.

Hike Leaders

  1. The club will award special recognition to any member who leads five or more hikes in the year. This will be in addition to the free membership five-time hike leaders receive.
  2. The Hike Leaders will receive 1 point per hike, the co-leader 0.5 point. The co-leader must do something different than the leader.
    • The co-leader could lead a sub-grounp on a longer or shorter hike.
    • The co-leader could for a large group lead part of the group.
  3. The club officers will jointly determine the nature of these awards.
  4. The hike leader with the most hikes during the year will be declared Hike Leader of the Year.

Car Pool Drivers

  1. Hike leaders will also report the name and mileage of each car pool driver on each hike to the club statistician.
    • To qualify for car pool miles, a driver must travel to and from the hike location with at least one other hiker in the car.
    • The maximum mileage will be from the meeting site to the trailhead and back.
    • If a driver drives from a location closer than the meeting site, only the actual miles driven with another hikers in the car will count.
  2. The statistician will record carpool miles in much the same way as individual hiker miles.
  3. If a driver drives from a location closer than the meeting site, only the actual miles driven with other hikers in the car will count.

Camping and Other Overnight Trips

  1. In general, the individual hikes taken during a multiday trip will count as if they were day hikes. Like day hikes, these must be pre-announced, officially led, and taken in unison.
  2. Sightseeing trips (vista-hopping) may count as hikes provided they:
    • Are announced and scheduled in advance.
    • Have an official hike leader.
    • Have at least three hikers.
    • Have at least two miles of actual trail hiking.
    • Are hiked as a group.
  3. Other miscellaneous mileage, such as walks around the campsite, individual explorations, and shopping trips will not count.
  4. A trip leader may add, modify, or cancel hikes during the trip. However, to count for miles, these hikes must be scheduled, pre-announced to all trip participants, have a hike leader, and be hiked as a group.
  5. Trip leaders will get hike leader credit based on the number of individual hikes they themselves lead. But if the trip leader chooses to step aside and designate a different hike leader, that designated leader gets the credit.

updated September 8, 2017