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by Ted Tenny

My thanks to Jeannie Van Lew, who designed the original web site for the Motorola Hiking Club. When I joined the club in 1999 there were two web sites, one internal to Motorola and accessible only to employees, and another for hikers outside the company. Some of Jeannie’s original work can be seen on the Hike Arizona page and in those hike descriptions which haven’t yet been moved to separate HTML files.

When the club became independent from Motorola in 2003, I inherited its web site. At first, everything stayed the same. But as hike descriptions and trip reports proliferated, it became clear that the files and directories were growing and would have to be reorganized to keep their sizes manageable. Changes were made incrementally, over the years:

2005 New trip reports placed yearly directories. For the next few years I would copy some existing report to use as a template for the new one, hoping that all vestiges of the old report got replaced with the new information.
Day Hikes folder created. New or modified hike descriptions start going into separate files. Copy an existing hike description to use as a template for the new one.
2006 Sub-region folders created for Day Hikes, to keep the Day Hikes folder of manageable size.
2007 Each new Trip Report has its pictures in a separate directory. With thousands of pictures and an ever-expanding list of reports, the Images folder had been bursting at the seams. Also it was hard to tell which pictures belonged to which report.
New index page. It features a cover picture linked to a recent Trip Report.
Hike Planning page reorganized.
2008 Cascading Style Sheets replace in-line formatting. Thanks to John Warren for recommending CSS.
2010 Trip Report Template and Hike Description Template created. All new reports and all new or modified hike descriptions now have standard contents and formatting.
I started using the Trip Report Template to standardize old reports, and then moved them into annual directories.
2012 Surveyed the readers to find out what they usually search for in trip reports.
Trip Report Index replaced and regional indices created. All trip reports are indexed by geographic region, even though they are filed by year.
Finished moving all new or modified hike descriptions from Day Hikes to the sub-region directories. Only the template remains in the Day Hikes folder.
2013 Four new articles written, including this one.
Jim Buyens becomes backup webmaster and designs the new index page.
2014 Trip Report Index replaced. Links to individual reports moved to regional files.
2015 More about pictures. Trip Report author guidelines updated.
2016 Transition from Globat to A2 Hosting.
Templates for hike descriptions and trip reports updated to HTML 5.
Trip reports begin with a link to the hike description.
2017 Improved formatting of trip reports and hike descriptions.
Backgrounds of hike descriptions are filled in when the hike is full.
2018 Email list limited to paid members.
Switched from Captain FTP to FlashFTP.
Trip Report author guidelines and picture guidelines updated.
2020 Trip report template and hike description template updated.
Many older files brought up to the latest standards.
2021 Trip reports page expanded to 10. Search engine added.
Weekly email now includes the latest trip reports.
2022 Phoenix directory created in day_hikes. Both Phoenix and c_Phoenix cover the same territory.
2023 Michael Humphrey takes over as Webmaster.
See also: Ted’s HTML Approach.

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updated December 17, 2022